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Born in 1942, Glen Gustafson, Environmental Image Group's founder, has had over fifty years experience in the field of aerial photo interpretation. In 1962, at the age of twenty, he interrupted his college education at Claremont McKenna College to go into the US Air Force, where he was trained as an Aerial Photo Interpreter. The excitement of this experience—beginning with the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of that year—determined Glen’s direction from that time forward.

Following his military service, Glen completed his education at the University of California, Santa Barbara, in Physical Geography and Geology (Minor), followed by four years of graduate school at Delft, the Netherlands, then the University of Munich, Germany. He became a college teacher of Geography, first in New York, then at James Madison University in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. His specialty, as a result of the stimulating Air Force experience, has remained aerial photo analysis, remote sensing, and mapping. He did consulting work initially for the Department of Defense and then primarily, for a variety of industrial, environmental litigation clients for whom he has acted as a historical researcher and Expert Witness.

EIG came into being about 1983. At the time, the company was involved in several different aerial imagery applications, primarily in the field of Military Photo Reconnaissance Exploitation. The latter term here is putting the emphasis on the interpretation and use of the imagery, rather than how to capture it. Over the next few years, the business expanded, but more into the realm of historical, environmental analysis of industrial sites. There was enough demand to justify hiring five additional, part-time Analysts to handle the volume of the work. In general, these people were former University students of Glen's, and/or former employees within the EPA Image Exploitation laboratories. This pattern of hiring part-time specialists when needed has continued up to the present day; therefore the name, Environmental Image Group.

In Fall 2005 Glen retired as Professor Emeritus from James Madison University and became a full-time Catalina Island, CA resident, from where he continues to operate EIG Inc.

EIG was incorporated as a C Corporation in 2015.

Glen Gustafson

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